lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

My creed naturalist.

With the strength of our people, now proclaim my creed.

I want to be a new man, and this is my altar Galician.

Above all things I believe in science,
I believe in the holy Mother Nature.

I believe in biodiversity, and evolution of all beings,
I also believe in equality between men and women.
I believe in the conservation of all species

I believe in social integration and coexistence of all nations of the earth.
I believe in sexual diversity in all its classes.
I believe in the research, give thanks to information.

I do not believe in wars that are foreign to anyone.

I believe in the forgiveness of all our mistakes.
I believe in educating young and old.

I believe in memory, which is the mother of history.

You ought to believe, comrades. Believe in what I believe.
Why believe in this creed, we will never forget it ...

This is my creed naturalist
this is my free thought.


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  1. Hago esta traducción, por que creo que es necesaria después de los e-mail llegados a mi correo. Espero haber hecho una buena traducción, aunque es evidente de que la rima se ha visto afectada, espero que no así el significado de lo que quiero decir.